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"If you are looking for a classic Midwestern whitetail hunt with excellent odds of taking a trophy buck, you won't find anywhere better than River Bottom Bucks. Deer numbers in the area are excellent, and with a balanced age structure, you can count on seeing plenty of mature animals during your hunt. Outfitter Bob Blair does an outstanding job managing his property, and his extensive network of food plots — combined with acorn-rich oak ridges, thick bedding areas and river bottom travel corridor — ensure the property holds plenty of deer at all times. In addition to top-flight hunting, the fact that River Bottom Bucks is a small outfitting operation allows them to provide personalized service to each client. Whether it is fine-tuning a treestand location or accommodating a special dietary request, the entire Blair family goes above and beyond to ensure an enjoyable experience."

Christian Berg, -Editor Petersen's Bowhunting

The Blair Farm also now known as River Bottom Bucks will always hold a true spot in my heart. It is hard to believe that 24 years have gone by since my first whitetail hunting adventure on the Blair Farm....and to illustrate just how good it really think about the fact that I have only missed hunting whitetail on this property twice in 24 years!!! It was always a blessing to have been allowed to hunt such a wonderful place with such an awesome 'surrogate' family. I have been fortunate enough to hunt and guide many great places to include Alaska and New Zealand and have a week’s worth of stories to tell about my hunting adventures around the country. These bowhunting stories would cover the hunting spectrum from Dall Sheep in Alaska to New Zealand Himalayan Tahr but none are any better than the those stories I have experienced hunting monster whitetail bucks on the Blair Tree Farm!


Having mixed emotions about the Blair's decision to jump into the outfitting business I must state that after 24 years of hunting I have yet to find a more fitting location to hunt free ranging whitetail deer. Bob, Marsha and Scott Blair have what I consider to be one of the very best Whitetail properties in the Mid-West and anyone who has the chance should jump at the opportunity to hunt with this wonderful family. Some of my most fond memories have been made within the boundaries of the Blair Farm and I am excited to see the quality of bucks that will undoubtedly be harvested at this Illinois hunting wonderland!! One thing I can express is this...You will NOT find a more accommodating family or a better Whitetail hunting operation....anywhere!

Cory C. Benge

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