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About Your Hunting Experience...Things to know


• Arrival & Departure

• Reservations

• Cancellations

• License & Permits

• Housing & Accommodations

• Deer Stands & Equipment

• Deer Harvest & Size Restrictions

• Location & Recovery

• Deer Processing

• Rules & Guidelines



Arrival and Departure:  The bunkhouse will open at 1:00 PM on Sunday and guides will be available at that time to provide orientation and help you settle in.

Departure is Saturday morning before noon.

No smoking is allowed in any of the buildings or in areas where hunting gear is stored.

Reservations:  A $500 deposit is required at time of booking to reserve each week’s hunt.  The balance will be expected upon arrival prior to any hunting.  

Your Illinois hunting license, permit, and habitat stamp will be verified at that time, as well as signing a hold harmless agreement.

Cancellations: If you must cancel your scheduled hunt at least 30 days in advance, your deposit can be applied toward another hunt, subject to availability.  Otherwise, deposits are non-refundable.

License and Permits: You can acquire your license, permit and habitat stamp going to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources website at or locally over-the-counter.  The price charged for the hunt does not include the cost of these required documents. The 2018 prices are as follows for non-residents:

Whitetail Archery Permit: $410.00
5-Day Hunting License: $35.75
Full-Season Hunting License: $57.75
Habitat Stamp: $5.50

Housing:  Very comfortable lodging for up to 4 hunters is right on site. Bedding and towels are furnished.  Bring your own toiletries; soap, shampoo, toothpaste, aspirin, cough drops, etc.

Hunters are invited to eat all meals just 50 feet away from the bunkhouse in the Blairs' log cabin.  Packed lunches are available.  There are also restaurants in nearby towns.

Deer Stands and Equipment:  There are numerous ladder stands strategically located throughout the property. Elevated enclosed blinds as well as ground blinds are also available for use during inclement weather and late season hunting.

The number one cause of hunter injuries is a fall from a tree stand.  For your well-being you are required to use a safety harness while hunting. 

Hunters will be taken to and picked up at their stand by their outfitter/guide. Choice of stand will be at the discretion of your outfitter/guide based on weather, field conditions, wind direction, etc. You are expected to stay in your stand until your guide picks you up, unless your guide moves you or you have cleared moving with your guide.  You can communicate with your guide by cell phone. At no time are you to be wandering through the woods on your own.  At no time are deer to be driven.

Deer Harvest & Sizing Restrictions:  We have excellent habitat, and the genetics of the deer in this area produce outstanding trophy-class bucks.  However, as all experienced whitetail hunters know, success cannot be guaranteed when hunting free-range deer in their natural habitat.

Size:  Antlers must be beyond the ears. Be aware that 1½ year old bucks in this part of Illinois are very large as far as body size.  Younger bucks will seldom have antlers that extend beyond the open ears even though they may have six or eight points by this age.  The antlers will also lack significant mass. Give yourself a chance at a better trophy by passing on these younger animals, allowing the small bucks to mature. They will be your monster bucks in a couple of years. We are serious about harvesting only mature bucks. Therefore, anyone killing a buck under 130-inch minimum score will be assessed a fee of $500. This includes button bucks.

A combination non-resident archery permit entitles you to take one buck and one doe.  

Location and recovery:  After shooting a deer, remain in your stand and observe the location or direction the deer travels or beds down.  Do not pursue the animal.  Contact your outfitter/guide by phone.  He will decide how soon to begin tracking and procedure to be used.

Processing:  Local deer processing facilities are available to cut up and package your deer.

Shooting: Deer targets near the bunkhouse are available to practice shooting, using a ladder stand similar to those you will be hunting from.

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