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Food Sources

The Property

Don't be misled by our name River Bottom Bucks and think that it is merely a river bottom. In fact, it is a very  versatile property in terms of geographical types of terrain.


The river bottom sector consists of both thick and open timber with food plots and river crossings all along its boundary. This is where the "Sanctuary" is located which is 60 acres of thick, wooly underbrush and horse weeds. A true Buck Haven! THIS AREA IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN FOR EVERYONE! There's only one reason that would grant permission to enter this secretive place and that is to retrieve a buck thats been hit. Not even shed hunting is allowed. What this area provides is a place where bucks can hole up and take refuge, helping to ensure they stay on the property.

River Bottom Bucks is a part of a large forested river corridor that extends from north to south across the entire county and contains several thousand acres of prime whitetail deer habitat. It is surrounded by rich agriculture land planted predominantly to corn and soy beans.

The 300-acre plus property has a diversity of habitats for top quality deer hunting including upland and bottomland forests and two rivers, the Embarras and Little Embarras (pronounced Ambraw) running through it. Access is limited by rivers and topography and there is no road access except through our main entrance, thus providing a very secluded hunting experience. Oak ridges producing a large amount of acorns, thick bedding areas, the 60-acre sanctuary, and numerous foodplots are ideal for supporting the genetically superior deer herd in East Central Illinois.

Limiting the number of hunters to only four at a time enables us to keep the pressure low with minimal disturbance to the herd’s natural movements.

Bob and staff work tirelessly to prepare stands, food plots and run trail cameras in the off season. Creating superior foodplots is Bob’s passion. Various sized plots containing corn, soy beans, oats, wheat, brassicas, clover and alfalfa are strategically placed throughout the property to attract and hold a healthy deer herd throughout the year.

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